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LCVC: Lagumen Cabrera Visual Collaboration

Benzar Lagumen and Dieuri Cabrera joined forces in December 2018 because of their passion and love of photography. With this collaboration, they showcase their flexibility and the dynamic range in the art of photography. Each has their own vision and style. LCVC found a way to combine their strengths to ensure that all angles and needs are met.

This Collaboration really helps capture the image that represent the moment and natural look. Our overall goal is to cater to our customers by providing the best experience possible. LCVC strives to cover your events/photoshoots at the best deal you can find. You get two talented, creative and passionate photographers for the price of one. We are also fluent in Spanish and Tagalog which allows us to personally connect with our customers.


Thank you for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon.